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  • Your vids are like how people win in fall guys

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  • 1:11 Car Shearer dance

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  • 0:40 hes in a lesson look under qualified

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  • Actually all people when playing fall guys is so angry but when i watch this vidio i fel the people look like`yah its ok`😂😂😂😂

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  • I wanna play the game so badly but it's for pc

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  • This game is the game without any physics what Means that you fall down from 10 centimeters.

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  • 2:30 he deserved that how you not gonna love left or right he said lemme just run straight the whole time

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  • 0:37 What is that sound like crowded chicken? What is that name

    PremiumPremiumPřed 2 měsíci
    • MATTSUN FAN BMGO Oh i remembered it right now good old days thanks so much bro

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    • the game called angry birds:level complete

  • 0:05 PUMBA voice😱

  • If your dad left you like this massege

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  • Pumba isbthe best makerbof funny moments in the world if agree so like.#PUMBA

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  • 2:22 when you're the son of the game's owner

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    • @Premium yo

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    • aquatic ninja Yo

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    • aquatic ninja Not that i mean the crowded laugh

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  • 1:39 be like: Run.

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  • Pumba: Hey, I won 5 shows on the first day I installed fall guys 😎😎 Me: Been playing for more then two weeks and not even qualified to the finale😂😂

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  • Fall guys: exist Brawl stars: adios

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  • 5:35 Wtf Hotdog: why are you following me)? Captain: Lets Race!!! 10 hours later.... Still racing 20 hours later... 1 more block left... Captain: Thats mine... Hotdog: Let me push you out!!! 10 minutes later... Captain: Wkwwkwkwk... epic fail Hotdog: Why you bully me?!

    Pro Gamer YT OfficialPro Gamer YT OfficialPřed 2 měsíci

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