Lucky or skill?

22. 07. 2020
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Brawl Stars Fails & Wins #189
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  • Fome más adelante le pone música

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  • Rename that video hacker or rebrawl mods

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  • Im waiting for leon all time i have 15k trophies

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  • Best Brawler is crow and leon

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  • I like you intro

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  • Im waiting for Crow all my life

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    • I got colette without the pass😃

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    • I HAVE CROW Do you want but please give me Sandy and Leon

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    • Im full .. colette i will get it in the pass. 25k tr🗽

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  • 2:49 vs bots

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  • Пумба тф русский я знаю

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  • Is a bot that primo in the minute 2:37 . What a trash of clip 👎

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  • Sandy,leon

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  • Cheats of cause

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  • 0:06 the brawler best is the raven whitw

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    • Is the crow white, no raven white

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  • OMG ThIs Is AmAzInGgg 0:02

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  • Lucky for sure

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  • 0.00 so excited

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  • pumba thanks man for putting my clip in I really appreciate it dude thank u for this oppurtunity

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  • 0:13 Bibi- am I a joke to u Sprout-😈😈

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  • The best brawler is leon

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  • Damn if you are a brawl star fan you will watch this video.

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  • Music of 5:08 please

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  • 1:11 русские вошли в чат)

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    • @Łukrecja Niewierkiewicz тип я тож

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    • Я тоже россиянка:>

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  • 4:18 zdravím do Česka (◔‿◔)

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  • 1:09 мат, кто заметил?

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  • Leon

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  • I got gale from a mini box with out brawl pass

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    • Small brawl box

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  • 7:22 song please

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