FALL GUYS WTF & Funny Moments #15 ( Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout)

6. 09. 2020
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  • Feedback: you zoom in too much. We know what to look at

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  • Creative comment (😂)

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  • and some times lucky

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  • wow its funny

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  • Y

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  • Bx

  • my friend told me a joke two days ago and and I've been laughing at it for a week... it makes sence:)

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  • Fall Guy 1664:imma gonna hack Fall Guy:Imma GonnA push fall guy 1664 with 900 iq

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  • What happens when u sub to pumba 0:25

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  • 2.7m subscribers and this guys tight enough to only give $5 bruhh

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  • 5:56 Karma always win

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  • Wtf?

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  • *My dude discovered a running page and we only use this one* *fallgys.thetuts.casa* *I hope it is works for you too.*

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  • 0:24 what is the name of this song?

    Filipg 09Filipg 09Před měsícem
    • Sesame Street

      Давид ВлашинецДавид ВлашинецPřed měsícem
  • What

  • I tougt dat tis was e Nice game

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  • 4:08 it is me

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    • Joao Khoury nice to you too

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    • @Erick The XGamer but in 1:53 the rolling guy its me

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    • @Erick The XGamer Nice dude :)

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    • Yes it actually is

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    • really??

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  • pumba the best

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  • Wrong music

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  • Hacker

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  • them in fall mountain: OMG I WON!!!!!!!!!!! me: [You have been disconnected from the server]

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  • Fall pumbas

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  • Creative comment

  • G

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  • Name of song at 0:22?

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  • La canción

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  • Hello

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  • The moment you saw the last comment and your sad because your not so creative

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  • that moment when you like, subscribe, and turn on notifications and think you'll win but you dont ~Sad Gamer Noises~

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  • Nice video you ar relly good

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  • 3:25

  • ALANZOKA!!!!!!!Brasil!!!!!!!!

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  • BS Fan: Where Is Brawl Stars? Anyone: Fall Guys Fan: Omg Very Funny Omg Me: Pls Like This Comment

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  • The most creative comment is the most creative comment and is the most creative comment of the creative comments ever :-)

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  • 0:22 name song??

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  • Too much sound effects.

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  • 1:53 O Alan mano

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  • gra w Nowom grę 😘

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  • Fortnite be like : we are the best game ever made Fall guys : Dont think so

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    • 😂

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  • That's me

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  • Cute jelly beans are so cute like a fall guys gamer ❤️

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  • 0.34 Me:May I use the arena?Yes Me:May I use your head? ....

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  • The most creative comment. I wrote it

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  • Fun fact:There will be atleast 1 guy in pumba's video complaining "where is brawl stars"

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  • I like the song

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  • Sou brasileiro e gosto muito dos seus vídeos abraços

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  • Pls back to Agar.io :c

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  • Luck is needed for every game. But game doesn't like to give us luck. So we need to use our skills.

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  • Participated Ig gonz4_ndeahhh Creative moment 0:52

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  • There was a fish and a dog and nothing happened after 😐

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  • There was a race vs a tomato and lettece the tomato ews last but he said dont worry i will kechep

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  • Hahaha glad to see my RailGun clip made it to youtube (crodudeclassic) though the voice is my broski Brojangles. Keep it real PUMBA

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  • the pumbaa is no more than before with several memes before it was much better now it only has boring and bad music that I particularly hate

  • hgang5$

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  • because it started with horrible music