FALL GUYS WTF & Funny Moments #22 ( Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout)

17. 09. 2020
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  • For the people that speak in english, mrkeroro10 is the best player of fall guys. He have more than 600 wins

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  • Fall guys is here from august 4 nah? Well, i don't have win

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  • Epic games brings out season 4 right when the new game comes out now fall guys is already better

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  • Pumba: *gives 5 dollars to someone* Someone who just said I hate frog: only 5 dollar :( college students to someone: how long did it take you to get rich

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  • fun fact : everyone else who is scrolling thru the comments including my self haven't watched half the video yet........

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  • fun fact : everyone else who is scrolling thru the comments including my self haven't watched half the video yet........

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  • Bro has anyone noticed pumba is not using new clips they reposting clips from other videos..... 😖

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