1000 IQ CROW *SAVE* ! Brawl Stars Fails & Wins #185

16. 07. 2020
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  • essa mitada do corvo são ruim por que tem varias que a te me enjuou

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  • 2:42 Yo Ise ese bug pero nadie me observó

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  • gut

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  • 0:57 100 IQ bull

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  • Corvoo vem na caixa grande pra mim??

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  • Like si te gustó la presentación de crow

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  • Comentare por que quiero a Crow aun que fue un buen funny Moments

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  • 0:49 A bot making good plays 🤔

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  • Crow

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  • انت عربي

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  • My favorite brawler is spike

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  • 8:48 no way thats me Tizzm_Chaos check out my club Chaos_Crew

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  • 9:36 Song?

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  • The Crow

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  • Sungi

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  • Best brawlwr is leonenemonemenomen

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  • my favourite brawler is poco

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  • xd

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  • 9:14 bot

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  • My favorite brawler is leon

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  • Crow

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  • Dude Crow 2400 rosa Shelly colt crow desde :|

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  • I think the intro is the best

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  • les go pumba thanks! 0:25

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  • 5:26 OMG I am in your video!😎🤣🥰🥳🤩 Btw, the intro is so good👍

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  • I think the best brawler is shelly

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  • 6:30 name music? Please

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  • El primos gadget isint that helpfull. Brawl stars should make it so when el primo throws You it deals 500 or 1000 damage

    King Ru1ZKing Ru1ZPřed 3 měsíci
    • It is helpful when bull or rosa or shelly ambushes you... Yes it needs to deal 2000 dmg.. Then it will be good according to it's range

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  • Crow

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  • 2:32 hacker

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  • The intro wow is the best 00:01

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  • Тызнаешь руский я видел ты эдику написал

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  • Dude, do your subscribers know your name?...Or shall I expose it?! XD XD Btw, happy birthday bro! ;)

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  • You have 1000Q lol Einstein have 300Q

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  • Has anyone noticed that the last clip is someone facing bots and missing half of there shots

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  • 5:05 If you want to play with him, you can join our club. Its name is KOH-LANTA. It’s a french club but you must rename KL| in your pseudo.

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    • Mdr comment j suis tombé sur ça

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    • Yeah

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    • Yeah KL| Dark

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    • Yeah

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  • Omg je suis passer à 5:00 j’y crois pas !!! Merci pumba c incroyable

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    • Il va r comprendre il est anglais

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  • The best brawler is CROW

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  • Was recommended this video by CSworld :) Good stuff & keep the grind strong 🙏

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  • 6:15 Thank you ,Pumba!

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