0,01% CHANCE TO SURVIVE! Brawl Stars Fails & Wins #199

4. 08. 2020
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  • do surge vs colette when both using super

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  • 0:57 jajajaja

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  • Leon

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  • I want leon

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  • Haha pro nub

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  • Kkk i have problem kk this is meme of brazil (im not very good in english #-#)

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  • Turkler ve azeriler lutfen👍

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  • 1 like 1 legend

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  • Kkkk essa thumb deve ser verdade

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  • Maple barley was cool in brawl ball I going to give him a clap 👏🏻

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  • 2.24 solo gli italiani capiranno...

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  • hi pumba :D

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  • Pimba

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  • Like por qué si 👇

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  • It’s crow he’s the strongest skin in the game

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  • 🠗🠗🠗 THAT`s HOW MANY people LIKE CROW P.S: you can send your BS clips to my channel

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  • Sandy is best

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  • Love you Vids PUMBA

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  • italy player wtf

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  • 0:32 Is that a glitch ?

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  • Leon pls

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  • 3:31 that el primo name is chúpame el h**** that in english is suck mi d"""

    Matias CardulloMatias CardulloPřed 2 měsíci
  • is this oh long johnson but brawl stars version?

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  • My brawl stars name is dab 20

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  • My name is Charlie

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  • I’m 7 I love your videos!!!

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  • Oof siege is hard but um...., after I made a bet with my friend about if I liked his vid then I would name myself after him and...... he won! Here’s the vid: csworld.info/mem/video/fdR5b4d7kol8gZU.html Please like 👍 u enjoyed it

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  • Crow

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  • csworld.info/mem/video/haaJgoyRyY6WpIc.html

    Arsim AjdariArsim AjdariPřed 2 měsíci
  • csworld.info/mem/video/haaJgoyRyY6WpIc.html

    Arsim AjdariArsim AjdariPřed 2 měsíci
  • csworld.info/mem/video/haaJgoyRyY6WpIc.html

    Arsim AjdariArsim AjdariPřed 2 měsíci
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  • this is pretty good csworld.info/mem/video/lpCosG16qnqArZk.html

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  • 7:04 Shelly kills shelly *brawl stars ad pops up* Shelly *saves* colt I already have brawl stars it keeps showing me these clips to install it I ALREADY DID BRAWL STARS! oh great I got a notification from brawl stars XD I have 4555+ throphys in brawlstars and my username is wolvy I play that game every day jo need to give me ads or notifications XD

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  • sandy gadget is bad like you fight and he will sleep

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  • My favourite brawler is sandy

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  • Cool music

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  • My brawler favorite is leon

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  • My brawler favorite is

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  • thanks for the videos

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  • The video looks more smooth

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  • 4:53 start!

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